Advanced Computer Cooling has acquired its third patent on technology that involves direct cooling of microprocessors to temperatures of <40°C even in ambient room temps of 95°F with no concerns over condensation or humidity.


According to CEO Dr. Christian Gunderson, one of the biggest challenges to technology is controlling the amount of heat generated by electronic components, “Companies are having to spend billions of dollars to cool their server rooms. It is by far one of the biggest expenses in business today.”


According to a study by Hewlett Packard Company, about 63 percent of the energy used in large data centers is for air cooling.


Dr. Gunderson continues, “With this new technology, companies can raise the overall temperature of their server rooms by several degrees.” An added bonus comes with the potential of a PG&E rebate for the decrease of energy usage.


The company is currently looking for licensing or acquisition agreements to get the technology to the market.